Lunch Pass

Benefit every month from an additional purchasing power with Sodexo meal vouchers

Lunch Pass Sodexo Luxembourg

Advantages of the Lunch Pass

  • Increase your purchasing power :

    Up to €1,760 net per employee per year (or €10.80 per day worked) ; Non-taxable in the hands of the beneficiary

  • The assurance of the widest network of acceptance :

    Access to more than 2,000 acceptance points throughout Luxembourg

  • Promotional and exclusive offers :

    Exclusive advantages and promotions within the envelop with your lunch vouchers.

Lunch Pass FAQ

Lunch vouchers are subject to specific legislation in each country. Luxembourg lunch vouchers are subject to Luxembourg legislation and therefore can be used only in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The maximum amount deductible is €10.80. This amount was set by the Grand Ducal Regulation of 23 December 2016. This follows the limit of 1989 (LFr270), increased in 1996 (LFr330) and rounded up in 2002 (€8.18 => €8.40). Sodexo can print Lunch Pass with higher values, but in such case the difference is taxable as salary!

For merchants only (and not for the beneficiaries of the vouchers) , cheques can be reimbursed for two months after the date stated on the cheque in question. Cheques can no longer be reimbursed once this two-month period has passed.

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