Apple Pay

The easy, secure and private way to pay

Spend your Lunch Pass without

using your Sodexo Lunch Pass card


Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution that allows you to pay in complete security and respecting barrier gestures, without touching the payment terminal or your payment card.

You can pay contactless in a store or restaurant with your iPhone or Apple Watch via NFC.

All you have to do is hold your iPhone or Apple Watch in front of the contactless reader, follow instructions on the payment terminal.

Download the App MySodexo Luxembourg

How to activate Apple Pay?


To be able to use Apple Pay, it is necessary to download the App MySodexo Luxembourg and have an active Sodexo Lunch Pass card.

Step 1

Open the App MySodexo Luxembourg

Step 2

Go to settings menu of your card and tap “Add to Apple Wallet”

Step 3

Accept the General Conditions of Use

How can I pay with my Sodexo

Lunch Pass card via Apple Pay?


1. Double click on the side button on your phone to activate Apple Pay

2. Authenticate on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID

3. Hold the top of your iPhone in front of the payment terminal and the payment process will begin. When finished, your iPhone will display a transaction notification.

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