Pluxee Gift card

The digital gift voucher solution that opens up a world of opportunities!

Your advantages with the Pluxee Gift card

paiement carte Pluxee

Like the paper Lunch voucher, the Pluxee Gift card is an advantage granted by your employer. It offers more flexibility for your lunch break either on site or online, for delivery or take-away orders.

It works like a VISA bank card and enables you to benefit from the same advantages :

  • Payment facilities and rapidity
  • Payment down to the penny
  • With PIN code or contactless
  • CVV code to secure online payments
  • Mobile payment (Apple Pay & Pluxee Pay)

After each order placed by your employer, your Gift credits are automatically loaded on your Pluxee account. You no longer need to get your paper vouchers back.

The Pluxee Gift card is valid for 4 years and the electronic vouchers are valid one year from the upload date. The oldest e-vouchers will be automatically used first.

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Application and web portal

The mobile application Pluxee is free and allows you to manage your account to optimize the use of your Pluxee Gift card:

  • Activate your card

  • Check your balance and your transaction history in real time!

  • Geolocate the merchants to know where you can spend your credits

  • Pay directly with your smartphone  (Apple Pay & Pluxee Pay)

  • Display your Pluxee Gift card PIN code

  • Suspend temporarily your card in case of loss

  • Benefit from exclusive promotions offered by the merchants of our network

The app allows you to manage all your Pluxee cards (Lunch and Gift). So don't wait any longer! Download the App now!

The Pluxee App features are also available on our online portal.

Livraison carte

Step 1

You receive your card and then the letter with PIN code and Pluxee ID

Contact service local

Step 2

Log in on Pluxee (App or web portal) to activate your card or contact our consumer service

Carte marchand Pluxee

Step 3

Use your card to pay in our affiliate network Pluxee Gift card

Carte marchand Pluxee

Step 4

Check your balance and transaction history

Got a question? The answer is here!

Where can I find my CARD ID?

The CARD ID is on the back of your card and starting with LUX. To create your account on the App Pluxee, you need to provide only the last 8-digits.

Where can I find my Pluxee ID ?

To create an account and for each communication with Pluxee, you will need to provide your Pluxee ID. This number is provided by Pluxee and you can find it on your PIN mailer.

How can I activate my card?

When you receive you card, it is inactive. You can activate it through the Pluxee app by going to "Wallet" at the bottom of the screen then Settings at the top left. Click on "Activate this card".

Cardholders who do not have access to the Pluxee application can request activation from the consumer service of Pluxee by email at or by calling at 00352 28 76 15 00 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm. Please give us your Pluxee ID & Card ID.

Where can I use the Pluxee Gift card ?

You can use your Pluxee Gift card within the Pluxee Gift network.

You can consult the list of restaurants from the Pluxee Gift network on the mobile App Pluxee on map or on list on "EXPLORE". You can define your position and look for the stores closest to you.

You can also see our network on the web portal Pluxee.

You can suggest merchants by sending an email to

How do I replace my Card?

If your card is permanently lost, if it has been stolen, or if it is damaged and unusable or if you have never received your card, please contact our consumer service (by e-mail on or by phone on 00352 28 76 15 00  from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm.) to block it and a new card will be ordered automatically and will be sent to you. Please give us your Pluxee ID.