Pluxee Lunch card

Open up a world of opportunities to your employees thanks to our 100% digital version of lunch vouchers!

Lunch vouchers made even better!

Card and X Keyline

Keep the same advantages as with paper meal vouchers (increase in purchasing power, 100% deductible solution, for all companies…) but also benefit from the advantages of the digital format:

  • Easier management
  • Easy to use: works just like a regular bank card
  • Dedicated Pluxee mobile application and web portal
  • Secure card: Contactless payment unlocked after first PIN transaction, secure online payments via CVV, card blocking and replacement in the event of loss/theft.


Gestion simplifiée

Save time thanks to an easier management

Thanks to the Pluxee Lunch  card, the administrative management of this extra-legal benefit will be simplified for you.

After the creation of your client account for the Pluxee Lunch card, you can place your orders by filling our Excel template or directly online on our client extranet.

The electronic lunch vouchers will be automatically credited on the Pluxee account of your employees after each order. You will no longer need to distribute paper lunch vouchers every month.

Consumers will receive an email notification once the card is created and once the card upload is completed and they can check their balance and transaction history in real time in the mobile App or on our web portal Pluxee.

Cards and Pin Codes / Pluxee ID will be delivered separately for security reasons.

Luxembourg's legislation on meal vouchers will evolve from January 1, 2024. From then on, the total value of a meal voucher may reach 15 euros.  Find out more here

A new consumer experience

The Pluxee Lunch card offers your employees an improved user experience thanks to its payment facilities and the mobile application Pluxee, available on both iOS & Android. The mobile app is free and allows the consumers to 

  • Activate their cards and manage their accounts
  • Check their balance and transaction history in real time
  • Pay directly with their mobile phone (Apple Pay & Pluxee Pay)
  • Display their Pluxee Lunch card PIN code
  • Use geolocation to find the merchants accepting the Pluxee Lunch card as a means of payment (Store locator)
  • Suspend temporarily their card in case of loss
  • Find the answers to their most commun questions on the FAQ
  • Contact the consumer service if needed

Your employees will be able to pay on site or online, for delivery or take-away orders, everyone can be satisfied !

A smooth and efficient set up

A local and multilingual Pluxee team is at your disposal since more than 30 years to advise you in human resources in order to increase your employees’ loyalty and motivation.

Contact local

Contact our local team by phone at +352 28 76 15 00 or by email at

Commande extranet

Place your order by email after filling our Excel template or on our client extranet.

Livraison carte

Delivery of the cards and letters with PIN codes for your employees

Recharge carte

You can select the date on which you wish the card must be loaded

Got a question? The answer is here!