Pluxee Pay

Pay easily and securely with your Pluxee card thanks to mobile payment on your Android devices!


No more forgotten card!

Pluxee Pay is the mobile payment solution developed by Pluxee. It is integrated directly into the Pluxee application.

This solution is available for Android smartphone users. Your phone must be NFC-enabled, which can be checked in your phone's settings.

Simply click on the Pluxee Pay button in your application and hold your device in front of the payment terminal's contactless reader, following the instructions.

How do I activate Pluxee Pay?

To use Pluxee Pay, you need to have downloaded the Pluxee application and have an active Pluxee Lunch card.

  1. Open the Pluxee application and select the country "Luxembourg "
  2. Click on the central Sodexo Pay button and follow the instructions
  3. Accept the general terms of use

Pluxee Pay

How to pay safely and contactless with Pluxee Pay?

Mobile user
  1. Open the Pluxee application and click on the central Pluxee Pay button
  2. Approach your phone to the payment terminal as for a simple contactless transaction. At the beep, the payment is made and your transaction history is updated.

For additional security, you'll need to set a PIN code for your mobile payments. You can also use a fingerprint unlock.

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