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New meal voucher regime in Luxembourg

Higher total value of vouchers, transition to digital, limits on use... Find out what the new legislation means, effective January 1, 2024!

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Together, let's open up a world of opportunities for your employees to let them enjoy more of what really matters in their lives. At Pluxee, we are the main global partner for employee benefits and engagement.


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At Pluxee, we help you explore an exciting world of rewards and benefits. 
Take advantage of every opportunity and enrich every day with more of what really matters in your life.


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We put you in touch with new consumers and a world of exciting opportunities.
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6 reasons to choose Pluxee

Pouvoir d'achat

Improve the purchasing power of your employees

Qualité de vie salariés

Improve the quality of life of your employees

Entreprise bâtiment

Services for companies of all sizes

Icone equipe locale

A local team at your disposal

Icône leader marché

Leader on the market

Icône entreprise responsable

A socially responsible company

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