Pluxee Lunch card

Connect with new customers and aim higher for your business thanks to the power of digital!

A new digital solution, with more advantages for you and the consumers

The Pluxee Lunch card enables the consumers to use their Lunch Pass under digital format. Every month, the credits are loaded on the card by their employers and the users can spend them on site or online for take away or delivery orders.

The Pluxee Lunch card works like a VISA bank card with PIN code or contactless payment, mobile payment (Apple Pay & Pluxee Pay) and CVV code to secure online transactions.

Advantages of the Pluxee Lunch card

Paiement mobile Pluxee card

Making the consumer experience easier means encouraging them to spend more in your stores. But that's not the only advantage of the Pluxee Lunch card:

  • Faster and more hygienic checkout
  • No need to check the validity of each voucher
  • Accounting is simplified: No need to sort and count the vouchers
  • No change to give back: payment down to the penny

Becoming a Pluxee Lunch card affiliate : It's really that simple!

Become a member of the Pluxee Lunch  card network by affiliating now! By offering this new payment method, you will generate new business opportunity and retain your current clients at the same time.

Consumers can geolocate the merchants from the acceptance network on the mobile application Pluxee or on the web portal. On these platforms, the users can manage their account, consult their balance and their transaction history and benefit from promotions.

If your store or your website is accepting the payments via VISA, you can get affiliated by completing the online affiliation form.

Tache administrative en ligne

Step 1

Fill in the affiliation form online

Collaboration Pluxee Marchand

Step 2

Our local team will contact you to send your contract for signature

Onboarding marchand

Step 3

Send us back your signed contract. We will then activate your payment terminal

Carte marchand Pluxee

Step 4

Accept the Pluxee Lunch card as a payment method

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