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How do I submit a voucher for reimbursement?

Remember to stamp your vouchers with your company stamp in the space provided on the back of the vouchers before sending them to us for reimbursement. 

You can obtain a reimbursement:

  • in person from the Pluxee members’ desk at 39 Rue du Puits Romain, Bertrange, between the hours of 8:30am-12pm and 1:30pm-4pm
  • you may deposit vouchers at an ING branch (even if you don’t have an account there)
  • send your vouchers to us by carrier (Brinks, G4S, DPD, TNT, etc.) 
  • or by post, although this option involves greater risk (should the package get lost or stolen, for example).

Can Pluxee Gift paper vouchers be personalised?

Yes, Pluxee offers you personalisation of your Pluxee Gift paper vouchers. Indeed, a personalised gift in the beneficiary’s name always has more emotive impact. It also makes distribution more practical. You can also print various references on your gift voucher: company name and logo, comments or specific messages (Happy New Year, Congratulations, Best Wishes, etc.)

Can Luxembourg Lunch vouchers be used abroad?

Lunch vouchers are subject to specific legislation in each country. Luxembourg lunch vouchers are subject to Luxembourg legislation and therefore can be used only in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Where can I see my balance after each purchase transaction?

Your balance is updated after each purchase transaction. You can consult it on the mobile application Pluxee as soon as you log in on the home page or on "WALLET".

The balance and the transaction history can also be consulted on the web portal Pluxee

Where can I pay with my Pluxee Lunch card via Apple Pay?

Like your Pluxee Lunch card, at all affiliated merchants with contactless payment terminals. You can geolocate them on Pluxee app.

Where can I pay with my Pluxee Lunch card by using Pluxee Pay?

You can use your Pluxee Lunch card with Pluxee Pay in the merchants who belong to the Pluxee Lunch card acceptation network and have the "contactless" symbol on their payment terminal.


Where can I find the Pluxee Pay function?

The functionality is available on your usual mobile App Pluxee, in its latest updated version.
A central button to activate the mobile payment appears.

Where can I find my CARD ID?

The CARD ID is on the back of your card and starting with LUX. To create your account on the App Pluxee, you need to provide only the last 8-digits.

Where can I find my Pluxee ID ?

To create an account and for each communication with Pluxee, you will need to provide your Pluxee ID. This number is provided by Pluxee and you can find it on your PIN mailer.

Where can I use my Pluxee Lunch card?

You can use your Pluxee Lunch card within the Pluxee Lunch network. 

You can consult the list of restaurants from the Pluxee Lunch network on the mobile App Pluxee on map or on list on "EXPLORE". You can define your position and look for the restaurants and stores closest to you.

You can also see our network on the web portal Pluxee


You can suggest merchants by sending an email to

Where can I see the transactions I made with Apple Pay?

In your Pluxee App, you can see all transactions you have made with your Pluxee Lunch card.

In the Apple "Wallet" App, you will see only transactions made with your Apple Pay.

Where can I see the transactions I have made with Pluxee Pay?

Whether you pay with the PIN code, contactless or with mobile payment, you can find all the transactions you have made with your Pluxee Lunch card in the App Pluxee or on the web portal.

Where can I see my transactions?

You can access this information whenever you need to, in real time, by logging in to your account in the app Pluxee via "WALLET". A 3 months history of transactions will be displayed. You can search and filter transactions by type and period.

This is also available on the Pluxee web portal.

What portion has to be paid by the employee? And by the employer?

With employee participation

Without employee participation






2.8 (*)







2,8 (**)







Social costs





Can I accept the Pluxee Lunch card on my online store?


As the Pluxee Lunch card is a VISA card, it offers the same technical features as a classic VISA card with regard to online payments.

All we need to do is retrieve the merchant ID linked to your online store and add it to our systems for online payments to be activated.

What are the advantages for me to accept the card compared to paper vouchers?

The card has many advantages for the merchant:

  • Speed ​​at checkout: using the card for the payment greatly reduces the time spent at the checkout since it is no longer necessary to count or stamp checks; nor to give change since the transaction takes place to the penny.
  • Security: there is no longer any risk of loss or theft of paper vouchers that may occur during storage or when sending to Pluxee.
  • Efficiency and management: there is no longer any risk of accepting expired vouchers or counting errors, nor is it necessary to provide a secure room to store the vouchers, nor any costs for sending the checks at Pluxee.

What types of merchants can accept the Pluxee Lunch card?

Restaurants, pizzerias, fast foods, pastries and all shops whose main activity is the supply of ready-to-eat food equipped with a POS and having an agreement with Pluxee for the acceptance of the Pluxee Lunch card.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment solution. You can pay contactless in a store or restaurant with your iPhone or Apple Watch via NFC.

All you have to do is hold your iPhone or Apple Watch in front of the contactless reader, follow instructions on the payment terminal.

What is Pluxee Pay?

Pluxee Pay is a mobile payment solution developed by Pluxee. This is a functionality integrated into the mobile App Pluxee.

Who can benefit from Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a solution for users of an iPhone or Apple Watch. The device requires to be able to manage the NFC function.