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The Sodexo lunch voucher gives extra purchasing power to more than 65,000 beneficiairies every day

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Lunch Pass Sodexo Luxembourg

Why should you order lunch vouchers?

Enjoy a moment of conviviality and a good and balanced meal thanks to your Lunch Pass. More than 2,000 merchants are accepting Sodexo lunch vouchers in Luxembourg, you’ll be spoilt for choice !

In a competitive environment, it’s essential to reinforce the company’s attractiveness to gain new talents and retain its employees. Sodexo helps you to offer advantages to your employees to stand out from other companies.

Lunch vouchers are getting digital with the Sodexo Lunch Pass card for a better user experience

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  • Increase the purchasing power of your employees :

    Up to €1,760 net per employee per year (or €10.80 per day worked) ; Non-taxable in the hands of the beneficiary

  • No extra-costs for your company :

    100% tax deductible for the company and exempt from social charges.
    This solution is applicable for all companies, starting one employee.

  • Reinforce your company's image :

    The lunch voucher is your employee's favourite fringe benefit in Luxembourg. It will allow you to attract talents, improve the quality of life of your employees, motivate and retain them.

  • The assurance of the widest network of acceptance :

    Access to more than 2,000 acceptance points throughout Luxembourg

  • A simple and quick implementation :

    Our local and multilingual team is here to help you and guide you to order & use your Lunch Pass. Lunch vouchers will be delivered by our team in four working days.

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Creation of your customer account with the help of our advisors

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Place your order : on our website SoEasy ou per mail via

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Receive and distribute your Lunch Pass

Employer Advantages

Step 1

Creation of your customer account with the help of our advisors

Employer Advantages

Step 2

Place your order : on our website SoEasy ou per mail via

Step 3

Receive and distribute your Lunch Pass

Partners : we're here to help

Do you advise your customers? We’re beside you to respond to their needs!

Trustees, company secretaries, accountants, etc. are all likely to advise your customers on fringe benefits. Sodexo is there to help you overcome these challenges as regards giving information and also to respond optimally to your members’ and clients’ needs.

A number of different formulas are already in place with the majority of our Luxembourg partners. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see the various collaboration paths together.

FAQ Lunch Pass

The maximum amount deductible is €10.80. This amount was set by the Grand Ducal Regulation of 23 December 2016. This follows the limit of 1989 (LFr270), increased in 1996 (LFr330) and rounded up in 2002 (€8.18 => €8.40). Sodexo can print Lunch Pass with higher values, but in such case the difference is taxable as salary!

An employee is legally entitled to one Lunch Pass per day of work if he or she has worked for at least four hours during the day. In many companies the allocation of lunch vouchers is in proportion to the number of hours worked as a percentage of full-time.

All businesses with one employee or more can benefit from them irrespective of their size or business sector. All your company’s personnel can have access to lunch vouchers. It’s a motivation solution that’s effective from the first employee and that pleases everyone, at every level of the business.

The Lunch Pass is fully tax-deductible as operating expense. What’s more, it’s exempt from any social charges. It’s also an ideal form of complementary remuneration and a motivational tool.


  • Conditions of allocation :

    Lunch vouchers are exempt from social contributions and personal income tax provided the following conditions are met: mandatory employee participation of €2.80 and maximum employer participation of €8.00 (maximum face value of €10.80).
    Lunch vouchers may not be used to replace salary or any other benefit.

  • Terms of use :

    Lunch Pass can be used for a meal or to buy ready-to-eat foodstuffs in an extensive network of restaurants and supermarkets in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Validity of the vouchers :

    Validity period from minimum three months and maximum 15 months.

How many Lunch Pass can be distributed per person?

In practice, and with a view to administrative simplification, it is agreed to allocate a flat number of lunch vouchers per month and per person in accordance with the following calculation:
52 weeks x 5 working days
= 260 working days
- 26 days leave
- 11 public holidays
- 5 fixed compensation days off

= 218 Lunch Pass per year
or 18 Lunch Pass per month x 12 months

Financial Participation

  • The employee’s mandatory portion is €2.80. That of the employer is a maximum of €8.00. However there are two systems for allocation of Lunch Pass. Look at the adjacent example, for a Lunch Pass of €10.80.