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New meal vouchers legislation: Pluxee supports you

November 7, 2023

Announced by the government last June, the new meal voucher policy will become effective on January 1, 2024. Pluxee Luxembourg (formerly Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services) supports you in this transition towards greater modernity, flexibility and purchasing power.

The new legislation introduces a number of clarifications and improvements to the use of meal vouchers.

Firstly, with regard to meal vouchers in paper format, their granting by the employer, as well as their issue by meal voucher issuing companies, remain authorized until December 31, 2024. For the moment, therefore, Pluxee is continuing to produce paper vouchers to enable companies to best prepare their transition to digital.  

Since May 2021, Pluxee has been offering meal vouchers in digital format, and to take this digitalization even further, by the end of 2023 a virtual card will be offered to customers. Payments with this card will be 100% mobile payment via Apple Pay and Pluxee Pay for Android smartphone users.

In practice, new criteria have been set for the use of meal vouchers:

  • The notion of a meal has been modified to cover the purchase of food products
  • The notion of a working day has been abolished, so that meal vouchers can also be spent at the end of the day, at weekends or during vacations
  • The daily spending limit has been set at 5 meal vouchers per day

An increase in the face value of meal vouchers has also been announced: with this new reform, employers will be able to increase the benefit granted to their employees. The maximum exemption value of meal vouchers will rise from €8 to €12.20. The employee's contribution remains unchanged at €2.80, so the total value of a meal voucher can reach €15. This increase is at the sole discretion of the employer

The new legal framework makes it easier for employees to benefit from the most popular extra-legal benefit in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since the launch of the Lunch card, Pluxee has seen a clear reduction in the administrative workload for both companies and affiliated restaurant owners and merchants.

About Pluxee Luxembourg

Pluxee, the new name for Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, is the global partner for employee engagement and benefits, present in Luxembourg for 34 years. New logo, new colors, new mobile application, but still the same expertise and the same team at your service.

The new Pluxee products are gradually coming onto the market. From now on, all cards ordered (new cards or card replacements) will bear the Pluxee brand. All products in Luxembourg formerly labelled "Sodexo BRS" (Sodexo Lunch Pass cards, Lunch Pass vouchers, Gift Pass vouchers) can still be used during their period of validity. All restaurants and retailers accepting Sodexo BRS products as payment will de facto accept their Pluxee counterparts.

For more information, consult the website ou contact our team (+352 28 76 15 00).