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How much can I spend with my Pluxee Lunch card?

As of the 1st of January 2024 and following the update of the Grand-Duchy regulation dating from the 29th of December 1986, the daily expense limit has been set to 5 times the face value of a lunch voucher. If you do not know the face value of your vouchers, please contact your employer. Your daily spending limit also appears in your Pluxee mobile application or web portal, in the "Wallet" tab.

Below are some examples of daily limits depending on the face value of your vouchers:

Face value of a voucher

Daily spending limit







Should I control the daily spending limit for consumers?

No, this control is done directly and automatically by Pluxee. If a consumer tries to exceed their daily limit, the transaction will be rejected. Depending on the terminal, it may indicate "insufficient balance" as the reason. 

What do Pluxee lunch vouchers look like?

As a Pluxee Lunch voucher merchant, you can automatically accept Pluxee AND Sodexo lunch vouchers as long as they are still valid (see the expiry date on the vouchers). Both vouchers are easily recognisable by their green colour. 

New vouchers

What do Pluxee gift vouchers look like?

As a Pluxee Gift voucher merchant, you can automatically accept Pluxee AND Sodexo gift vouchers as long as they are still valid (see the expiry date on the vouchers). 

New gift vouchers

Apple Pay: What should I do if my smartphone is stolen or lost?

You can access iCloud and use the app "Find My iPhone" to block or definitely delete the possibility to pay with this device with Apple Pay. This is guaranteed even if your device is off-line and not connected to a cellular network or a WIFI network.

What does the card look like and how does it work?

This is what the Pluxee Lunch card looks like:

Carte pluxee Lunch LUX

For the moment we have still some valid Sodexo cards on the market, you can continue to accept them as well:

carte sodexo

It is a VISA DEBIT card that works like a classic VISA card: it has a chip for contactless payments and also allows secure online payment.

The card only works in Luxembourg, at affiliated points of sale.

How many lunch vouchers may be allocated to a part-time employee?

An employee may legally be entitled to one lunch voucher per day of work if he or she has worked for at least four hours during the day. In many companies the allocation of lunch vouchers is in proportion to the number of hours worked as a percentage of full-time. This decision remains at the sole discretion of the employer.

How many Lunch vouchers can be distributed per person?

The Grand Ducal Regulation of 29 December 1986 allows one lunch voucher to be granted for every day actually worked.

In practice, and with a view to administrative simplification, it is agreed to allocate a flat number of vouchers per month and per person in accordance with the following calculation:

52 weeks x 5 working days
= 260 working days
- 26 days leave
- 11 public holidays
- 5 fixed compensation days off

= 218 lunch vouchers per year
or 18 lunch vouchers per month x 12 months

How to activate Pluxee Pay?

In the mobile application Pluxee:
- Click on the central button with the logo Pluxee Pay

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- Accept the terms of use
- Validate the activation of mobile payment on your activated Pluxee Lunch card
The central button enables you to pay with your mobile.

How to deactivate the mobile payment?

You can deactivate the functionality at any time via the menu "settings" in the "Wallet" part in the App. You should click on "remove card from Pluxee Pay".

In the settings you can re-activate Pluxee Pay, change your mobile payment PIN or activate/deactivate the fingerprint authentication.


How do I deactivate Apple Pay mobile payment?

In Apple "Wallet" app, you need to choose your Pluxee Lunch card and click on the menu on the top right hand corner, scroll down, and click on "Delete this card".

How does the Pluxee Lunch card work?

The Pluxee Lunch card works like a credit card. The card is accepted in the shops with a contract with Pluxee and equipped with POS. To validate the transactions you need to enter a PIN code. The card works on POS supporting contactless technology, for mobile payment also. To unblock the contactless payment feature, you need to make a first transaction with your PIN. It is preferable to keep receipts if the transaction is cancelled on the same day.

How can I add my Pluxee Lunch card to Apple Pay?

  1. Open your Pluxee app
  2. Go to settings menu of your card
  3. Tap "Add to Apple Wallet"
  4. Select your device*
  5. Accept the General Conditions of Use

*only applicable if you have several devices: you can choose on which device you want to enroll your card.

After the first enrollment, please repeat the enrollment operation if you want to add your card on another device.

How can I order a Pluxee Lunch card?

The cards should be ordered by your employer.

How can I order the Pluxee Lunch card for my employees?

Once your customer account for the Pluxee Lunch card has been created, you can place your orders:

If you have any question, our local team is at your disposal : +352 28 76 15 00.

How can I pay with my Pluxee Lunch card via Pluxee Pay?

To pay with Pluxee Pay:
- Open the mobile application Pluxee
- Click on the central button with the logo Pluxee Pay

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- Move your phone towards the payment terminal as you would do for a normal contactless transaction, at the beep the payment is made, your balance and transaction history are automatically updated.

How can I pay via Apple Pay with my Sodexo Lunch Pass card?

Once you have enrolled your card to your app Wallet:

  1. Double click on the side button on your phone to activate Apple Pay
  2. Authenticate on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID
  3. Hold the top of your iPhone in front of the payment terminal and the payment process will begin. When finished, your iPhone will display a transaction notification.

How can I reload my Pluxee Lunch card?

Your employer places an order with Pluxee. Your balance will be automatically updated on your mobile application or on the web portal Pluxee.

How do I know if my smartphone has the NFC function?

Have a look at your drop-down menu on the main screen (drag from top bottom -> menu where you can activate/deactivate commonly your WIFI or your plane mode), the NFC logo has to be available among your choices.

How long is delivery time from order?

Throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and irrespective of the number of lunch vouchers ordered, deliveries are made every day within four business days by our drivers who provide a service that’s quick, effective and safe. They are your points of contact for delivery.