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New employee experience: Sodexo launches its “Lunch Pass card”

October 12, 2023

Press release

As restaurant reopen following the COVID-19 crisis, Sodexo has decided to officially launch its new digital product this week on the Luxembourg market: the Sodexo Lunch Pass card.

The COVID-19 crisis revealed a very clear preference on the part of consumers for card-based, and more particularly, for contactless payment solutions. For health reasons, of course, but also in view of the security and speed of this means of payment, Sodexo has decided to move ahead with this initiative in order to respond to its customers’ needs and at the same to those of its merchants, who have been hit hard by the crisis the same way the consumers have.

Whether at the restaurant, in the office or at home, with a network of partners that’s already substantial, Sodexo’s new product is geared to the most special pleasures and demands as far as food is concerned - on the spot consumption, take-away or home delivery, it can meet every wish, every aspiration and every need throughout Luxembourg.

Consumers will enjoy a new experience, being able to manage and monitor their balance and transactions easily and intuitively. New services will gradually be added to this digital solution.

A safer card that respects social distancing
The limitations of paper vouchers have been thrown into stark relief by this crisis and the associated social distancing. Many employers have encountered considerable difficulties in managing all the aspects of distribution to their employees. Electronic vouchers make administration considerably easier for businesses and merchants by allowing employees to make easier use of their fringe benefits. In recent months all our stakeholders - employees, employers and merchants - have welcomed this change.


Sylvie Favaut, COO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Luxembourg, says: “The move to electronic vouchers in 2021 was an obvious step in the current context, and something we’d already been working on for several years. Our team put in place all the necessary resources to assist businesses, merchants and consumers in this transition, which will be easy and which we will be able to roll out quickly. This new card, which has already been in use for some weeks now, in pilot mode with some of our customers, not only offers consumers innovative functionalities but will also have a positive impact on the environment. We’re also very glad to be able to help the restaurant sector, which has been so badly affected over the last few months, by launching it this spring.
As restaurants gradually reopen, we’ll be encouraging all employees to use their vouchers mainly in this industry, which really needs to get its customers back again.”


Sodexo will encourage its customers to move gradually to electronic vouchers.
For businesses that nevertheless prefer to order the paper version, this will still be possible. For consumers, the paper vouchers in circulation will still be accepted, provided they are still valid.

The electronic lunch voucher is just part of Sodexo’s vision and mission: to improve the quality of life of Luxembourg employees, at home and at work.
For many years now the business has done its best to support the restaurant sector and local communities and to have a positive impact on the environment. Today more than 65,000 consumers in Luxembourg use the services of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services.