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Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services becomes Pluxee

October 12, 2023

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services becomes PLUXEE, the new employee experience brand that opens up a world of opportunities

Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services activity, a leading global employee benefits and engagement partner, is adopting a new brand, PLUXEE:

  • To better support companies in the face of changes at the workplace, and individual expectations of well-being and fulfilment,

  • To support its growth strategy, by creating more value for all its stakeholders,

  • To prepare the spinoff and listing project announced by Sodexo on April 5, 2023.

Aurélien Sonet, PLUXEE’s CEO said: « PLUXEE is a new digital, optimistic and innovative brand that embodies our vision and our strong ambitions in a growing market. With this new brand, we stand out for who we are. Our stronger identity will be a key differentiator for our clients and partners and to attract new talents, particularly in digital ».

Why a new brand ?

PLUXEE, the preferred partner of companies for an enhanced and digital employee experience

  • By adopting a new identity, the Benefits and Rewards Services activity intends to differentiate itself more strongly in an extremely dynamic market.

  • PLUXEE will allow its client companies to promote their employer brand by offering their employees innovative and personalised solutions, in the face of the major changes in the world of work.

  • PLUXEE aims to help each employee enjoy more of what really matters to them.

  • PLUXEE, a strong player present in 31 countries, has all the assets to capture the potential of a growing and largely under-penetrated market: its know-how acquired over nearly 45 years, a solid performance, the vision and long-term commitment of its reference shareholder, the Bellon family, and its CSR commitments, which drives the engagement of its employees.

PLUXEE at the service of an ambitious strategic plan

  • As part of its 2025 strategic plan, PLUXEE primarily intends to:

  • Accelerate on its historical activity, the meal and food benefits business, in particular by strengthening its penetration rate among SMEs.

  • Expand its offer on well-being, gifts, mobility or measures to support purchasing power and employee engagement.

  • Make its services more easily accessible to its clients’ employees via a single digital platform.

  • To achieve these goals, PLUXEE will invest each year, by 2025, 10% of its turnover in tech.

PLUXEE, a new brand to support an autonomous strategy

  • PLUXEE is a modern and digital brand that reflects the vision, ambition and positioning of the activity in view of the spinoff project announced by Sodexo’s Group in April

  • PLUXEE will have its own governance and dedicated resources to deploy its strategic plan.


PLUXEE creates value for all its stakeholders

  • For its 500,000 client companies by offering ever more complete, rich and varied solutions based on an efficient and attractive digital ecosystem.

  • For its 36 million consumers, thanks to personalised services offering more freedom, responsible choices, and more purchasing power. 6 million people use PLUXEE’s services every day in both Brazil and France respectively, and more than 3.5 million in India.

  • For the 7 million merchant partners by making their daily lives easier, helping to increase traffic at their points of sale, and enabling them to better understand and interact with their consumers through data.

  • For public authorities by helping them to innovate socially to address the new needs of employees and the self-employed, to manage social assistance or to direct spending in a specific area. In Europe, PLUXEE manages 4 billion euros in social assistance annually.

  • For its 5,000 employees, by strengthening their sense of belonging, strengthened by the positive impact they can have on the lives of millions of individuals.

 PLUXEE, created with the assistance of the Conran Design Group Agency of the Havas Group, will be gradually deployed in the 31 countries where the activity operates by the end of 2023, starting with Brazil in August. For more information please visit