Sodexo Lunch Pass raises €16,253 for Caritas

Sodexo and Caritas Luxembourg have been working together since July 2009, providing help and support for families in need in Luxembourg. Over the course of their successful nine-year collaboration, the two have raised no fewer than €137,577 thanks to the Sodexo Lunch Pass initiative, including €16,253 through the 2017 edition alone! Sodexo and Caritas Luxembourg would like to thank all those who have donated one or several Sodexo Lunch Pass so that families in need can enjoy a balanced diet thanks to the Caritas Buttek subsidised grocery stores. There are plans to repeat the initiative in 2018. Indeed, as of 1st July, employees of Sodexo's client companies will receive a flyer in their lunch pass envelope explaining how the initiative helps disadvantaged families in Luxembourg, along with a stamped envelope addressed to Caritas Luxembourg that they can use to send any lunch passes they wish to donate. Families in need will continue to rely on your support! Thank you!